Membership & Status Report

Asia Pacific Marketing Conference (November 21-22, 1997, Bali Indonesia)
The JMA World Marketing Conference (April 13-14, 1998, Tokyo Japan)

By James H Jarrett
National Chairman, CIM


Bruce Hoggard, CMC, MBA, MMIS/OS, MCInst.M., has been working with a management/marketing consultant in the Asia region for the past seven years. This includes a contract with the Singapore Sports Council, a statutory body of the Singapore government in 1991-92 where he lived in Singapore. During this time Bruce was grand-fathered into the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) based on his previous marketing experience and understanding of the Asian culture and region. Since his return to Canada in 1992 Bruce has travelled to Singapore an additional 20 times in the past five years leading several trade missions, completing market entry strategies for Canadian and American organizations, and consulting for Singapore clients. He is viewed as the lone, professional Canadian marketer interested in the discipline of marketing in the Asian region.

Having maintained his MIS membership as an overseas member (OS) Bruce continues to participate in several of the MIS functions each year and delivers seminars for MIS in Singapore. Another function Bruce is actively involved in with is the Annual Business Strategy Competition. In each of the last four years, students in Bruce's International Marketing class at the undergraduate level in the College of Commerce at the University of Saskatchewan have participated, developing a business strategy for a Singapore company or organization. In the spring of 1997 one of these student teams (five students) became the first international team to ever crack the semi-finals. They later went on to win second place after making a presentation in Singapore, again a first for the competition and for any international entry.

Throughout this time Bruce has developed both strong personal and professional relationships with the people at MIS including its present President, Cheong Kun Pui, the Managing Director of Network Foods Pte Ltd. Mr. Cheong also sits on the Board of the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF), the main force in the development of the World governing body.

The APMF is a professional body offering the title of Certified Professional Marketer (CPM) as its qualification. It recognizes and formally endorses the special abilities, talents and five years of experience individuals have in the marketing industry. It is the first-ever qualification to be introduced in the world and is providing a competitive edge to its recipients.

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