Canadian Institute of Marketing officially invited to join Asia Pacific Marketing Federation

at the Japan Marketing Association (JMA) conference "New Marketing 2001: toward Creation and Innovation"

By James H. Jarrett, National Chairman
Canadian Institute of Marketing

In celebration of the Japanese Marketing Association's 40th Anniversary, the Japanese Association decided to host three concurrent events including the World Marketing Conference. Held in Tokyo April 13-14, the conference brought together over 1100 people from 54 different countries. Tied into the conference was the continuation of the development of the World Marketing Association (WMA) and the Second World Marketing Leadership Conference (WMLC).

To ensure the Canadian Institute of Marketing was represented at these important discussions, Bruce Hoggard was asked to attend. Bruce is the Chairman of the Institute's Saskatchewan Branch, a National Board member, a member of the Marketing Institute of Singapore, and the founder and CEO of Hoggard and Associates Inc. an international management and marketing firm.

During the Saturday and Sunday meetings, prior to the start of the conference, the Canadian Institute was officially invited to join the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF) as an Affiliated member. This distinction was a result of over 18 months of discussions in Canada, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan by Bruce Hoggard and James Jarrett. An important step for the Canadian Institute, it recognizes the Institute as an independent body representing Canadians in the discipline of marketing. The Canadian Institute joins numerous Asian Association members including Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore.

The host of the WMA Conference, which started Sunday evening, was Mr. Michio Torii, the President of the Japanese Marketing Association and the Vice Chairman of Suntory Limited. Mr. Torii was also named the Chairperson of the world Marketing Association, replacing Mr. Dinos Lambrinopoulous the outgoing Chair and the Honourary President of the European Marketing Confederation.

The Monday morning welcome address to the delegates came from Mr. Mitsuo Horiuchi, the Minister of International Trade and Industry for Japan. In response to the welcome, the former Director General of the Chinese (ROC) Marketing Association, Mr. Tomming Lai, responded for all the foreign delegates. The conference on Monday morning was further graced by the presence of the Japanese Crown Prince and Princess who attended the keynote address.

The first day's speakers were a whose-who of the world marketing community. Mr. Stan Shih, the Chairman and CEO of The Acer Group in Taiwan, delivered an impressive speech laying out the history of Acer and its plans for the future into the year 2010. This was followed by presentations from Mr. Charles Harstad, the Staff Vice President, Corporate Marketing for 3M, Mr. Yoshiharu Fukuhara, the Chairman and CEO of Shiseido and Mr. Graham Lute, the Vice President and Director of Communications for Nestlé. S.A. Graham is originally from Canada and now works for Nestlé in their offices in Switzerland. Nestlé was also the sponsor for the coffee break during the afternoon where their Kit-Kat chocolate bars were popular. All three of the presentations were very informative, entertaining and interesting as they outlined their company's past and future marketing plans.

At the Monday night reception, on the fifth floor of the Tokyo International Forum, the reception's sponsor, Dentsu Inc., the world's largest advertising agency, moved in two 16 foot cherry trees in full blossoms of white and pink. The pink blossoms were the size of regular carnations while the white flowers were the size found in the Vancouver and Okanagan areas. The welcome address to the delegates was delivered by Dentsu Inc.'s President, Mr. Yutaka Narita, who received Bruce very warmly during the reception. Mr. Narita also expressed his gratitude that Canada was represented at the conference.

With over 500 people in attendance, the evening offered a tremendous opportunity to exchange name cards and meet dozens of interesting people from around the world.

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