The Chair's Report

With the arrival of the Fall season, activity in the Institute's office has accelerated considerably. So has the travel of the chairman James Jarrett.

He traveled to Calgary to participate in the presentation by Dr. William Cole on 'Adapting to change in the new economy', on September 30, 1998. The presentation was hosted by the Calgary Branch of the Institute. His itinerary in the west included a stopover in Vancouver to contact members.

When he returned to Ottawa, he had little time to prepare for his trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka where he and Institute member Bruce Hoggard represented the Institute at the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF) meeting from October 20 to 25. This is the first meeting where the Canadian Institute of Marketing has participated on the international scene with professional marketers representing their respective Institutes and Associations. Mr. Jarrett made a special presentation to the President of the APMF. Mr. Hoggard has extensive business interests in the Far East and knows many of the APMF members. He was influential in arranging for recognition of the C. Inst. M. by the APMF, and the subsequent invitation for membership. The Canadian Institute of Marketing has since joined the APMF.

As soon as Jim returned from Sri Lanka, he turned his attention to Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. There, he attended the 'Annual Atlantic Schools of Business' conference where he presented a $500 award for the best marketing presentation.

Now, he is preparing for the 1998 annual meeting of the Institute scheduled for November 7, 1998 in Ottawa.

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