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"The Future Is Now"

Marketing is undergoing as radical a change as any other profession, while we plunge forward into Toffler's Information Age, and knowledge-based new economy. Traditional approaches to marketing are being challenged. Some approaches, although fundamentally sound, have new clothes. Marketers must keep their eyes on the future, learn from past experience, and use all resources available, now -- to do their job well.

The Canadian Institute of Marketing has a web site that will complement its existing communications programs. We have the ability to wire the Institute to members; and wire members to members and other like-minded organizations. We have moved into the digital world.

The web site will evolve as its architecture is improved, and features added. Members will identify opportunities where our web site can be used to participate in initiatives that we have not yet dreamed of. For a starter, the site has been designed with limited interactive features. Members can use the E-mail feature for communicating economically with the Institute at any time. There is a Discussion Forum for members to collect information and engage in electronic debate. Participation can come from anyone in the world who has our web site address. Prospective members can download information about the Institute, contact Regional Representatives, and apply for membership electronically. Articles published in The Marketing Challenge are uploaded to the Publications page for access by anyone.

What lies ahead? Coming soon will be an opportunity for members who are marketing consultants to list their businesses and link their web sites to the Institute's site. We will outline our programs with various colleges and universities. There will be a page for links with related associations, government agencies and educational institutions. In addition, we plan to have pages for job postings and employment searches. Eventually pictures and animation will be added, as technology improves. And, not too far ahead is the possibility of interactive Internet radio, so we can hold real time debates and seminars.

In no time at all we will experience these Internet wonders of the new economy. Stay tuned in -- and don't drop out. The best is yet to come.

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