Academic Institutions And Marketing Programs Are Recognized By The C.Inst.M.

Interest in the programs and activities of the Canadian Institute of Marketing continues to grow, especially interest in the Institute's web site. We are finding that a large proportion of the inquiries coming to the Institute by way of the web site have to do with marketing programs at colleges and universities recognized by the Institute.

One of the objectives of the Institute is to raise the calibre and professionalism of persons now in marketing and those intending to practise marketing through encouragement of the development and recognition of educational courses. The C.Inst.M has developed a relationship with several colleges and universities across Canada and recognizes the marketing programs they offer as academic prerequisites for membership. These academic institutions include:

University of Toronto
School of Continuing Education
Marketing Certificate Program
York University
Atkinson College
Faculty of Administrative Studies
Certificate in Marketing
Marketing Degree Program
Georgian College Marketing Diploma, 3 year co-op
Algonquin College Marketing Diploma, Marketing Certificate Marketing
Ryerson University Degree Program, Marketing Certificate
University of Windsor Marketing Degree Program
University of Ottawa Marketing Degree Program
Concordia University Marketing Degree Program
Acadia University Undergraduate Program, marketing concentration
La CitZ Collegiate Marketing Program, 3 year Certificate
Centennial College Marketing Management Program, 3 year
Post Graduate Diploma, 1 year
Humber College Marketing Management Program
1 year Post Graduate Program
Seneca College Marketing Diploma, Marketing Certificate
Mount Allison University Marketing Degree Program
St. Lawrence College Marketing Diploma, Marketing Certificate
British Columbia Institute of Technology Marketing Diploma

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