Executive Director:
A. Grant Lee, MCInst.M., FCInst.M.
President, AGL Marketing Limited
205 Miller Drive
Halton Hills (Georgetown), ON L7G 6G4 Canada
Tel: (905)-877-5369
E-mail:[email protected]

Executive Committee :
Chair: Ranil Herath
Vice Chair: Ron (Doc) Halliday
Secretary, Treasurer: Oswald Emmanuel
Registrar: Shiv Seechurn
Executive Director: Grant Lee

The executive committee shall:

  • deal with urgent matters arising between regular meetings of Council;
  • consult with other committees of Council;
  • act upon or report upon any matters that may be referred to it by Council;
  • advise the Secretary or any other officer or officials on matters of policy;
  • prepare a summary of the year’s activities with particular reference to matters of policy as to the outgoing and incoming Council;
  • make periodic reviews, forecasts, plans and recommendations to Council concerning the future organization and operation of the institute.

Education and Professional Development Committee (EPDC) :
Chair: Shiv Seechurn, Registrar
Member: Dennis Carisse
Member: Anthony Raman
Member: James Tong
Member: John Jackson
Member: Reginald Sheppard
Member: Abayomi Oredegbe

The EPDC shall:

  • advise Council on the technical and professional development of the members of the institute, and, as directed by Council, coordinate the activities of individuals and committees within the institute on matters concerning the continued elevation of personal professional standards;
  • maintain a continuing study of the requirements of the profession and recommend programs for continuing educational fields of technical business and professional education;
  • coordinate the activities of the institute in all areas of continuing education, providing liaison with business schools, with a view to maintaining the effectiveness of continuing education for marketing professionals;
  • develop and maintain communications with marketing students;
  • make recommendations to Council on programs related to any of the studies carried out under the guidance of the committee;
  • assist the Registrar in accrediting the marketing programs of business schools and universities across Canada and in other countries;
  • adjudicate submissions for membership under the Mature Entry provisions for membership. The committee may establish a panel, if required, where the Chair is the Vice President of the institute, an external assessor who is a professor of marketing at a Canadian university or college is invited to assess the applicant, and three members of the institute not otherwise affiliated with the candidate.

Membership Services Committee (MSC):
Josh Caplan
Member: Manujith Samantha
Member: Kevin Palmer
Member: Ranil Herath
Member: Geerish Bucktowonsing

The MSC shall:

  • advise Council on matters relating to the growth of membership;
  • advise Council on matters relating to services to members;
  • work with special interest member groups to establish Web-based bureaus to strengthen and grow the institute’s membership.

Conferences and Seminars Committee (CSC):
Faythe Pal
Member: Pernel Fisher
Member: Manujith Samantha

This committee shall:

  • plan and organize the Annual General Meeting and Conference of the institute;
  • advise Council on the nature of educational and professional conferences and seminars which it would be appropriate for the institute to sponsor, endorse or create, and recommend to Council the manner of participation by the institute in such activities;
  • communicate with members through council regarding availability of professional and educational conferences and seminars which the committee perceives as relevant to the aims of the institute;
  • to coordinate the institute’s involvement in conferences and seminars as directed by Council.

Finance Committee (FC):
Chair Sec/Treas:
Oswald Emmanuel
Member: Faythe Pal

This committee shall:

  • advise Council on all financial matters, including investments, budgets, capital requirements, income, expenditures, salaries, reserves and contingencies or extraordinary expenses, both for current and future operations;
  • advise Council on the potential impact of any proposed decision of Council, or activity of the institute referred to the committee, or identified by it;
  • the Treasurer shall chair the finance committee

Committee on Corporate Funding (CCF):

This committee shall:

  • make recommendations to Council on appropriate approaches to potential corporate donors to the institute’s activities;
  • advise Council on which foundations would be likely to consider favourably a request from the institute for assistance in achieving its vision, mission goal and objectives;
  • ensure that in every case possible contributions by corporate donors and foundations be directed to the institute’s capital account with interest only to be used to meet unavoidable unexpected expenditures;
  • at the direction of Council, recommend what donations might be available for specific purposes other than capital account, and without detriment to the growth of that account;
  • if requested to do so by Council, engage in negotiation with identified donors.

Professional Accreditation Committee (PAC):
Chair: Shiv Seechurn, Registrar
Member: Reginald Sheppard
Member: Dennis Carisse
Member: Anthony Raman

This committee is:

    • charged with ensuring that the high standards required for election to professional membership in the institute are maintained;
    • responsible for advising Council on the suitability for election of applicants;
    • accredits candidates for Registered Professional Marketer.

Marketing Committee (MC):
Scott Warne
Member: James Schauer
Member: Suzen Fromstein
Executive Director: Grant Lee

This committee shall develop and implement an annual strategic marketing plan and communications program to help grow the institute. It shall report to Council. The executive director of the institute will be a permanent member of the committee and have the responsibility of working with the committee to implement the action items of the plan.

Professional Consulting Services Committee (PCSC):
Ranil Herath
Member: Reginald Sheppard
Member: Geerish Bucktowonsing

This committee is charged with the responsibilities for overseeing and promoting volunteer and paid-for-services projects carried out by teams of institute members.

Ethics Committee (EC):
College of Fellows
Chair: Ron Halliday

This committee is charged with an annual review of the code of ethics and any issues in industry and government related to the ethical and moral conduct of members, as well as legislation affecting the Code of Ethics.

Government Relations:

This committee shall liaise with federal government agencies and departments to:

  • promote the institute and high standards of marketing to federal government marketing departments;
  • assist the executive director and Council when making applications for government funding of institute projects;
  • monitor federal government policy development that may have an impact on the institute and its members.

Non Standing Committees

: Anthony Raman
Member: James Tong
Member: Geerish Bucktowonsing

This committee shall be activated when the institute is involved in any major international initiatives or activities. It shall:

  • liaise with recognized global marketing organizations;
  • advise Council on initiatives that involve memorandums of understanding, or joint initiatives with like-minded marketing institutes in other countries.

Web Site Development Committee:
Scott Warne
Member: Ranil Herath

This committee shall:

  • work with the marketing committee to enhance the marketing and communications function of the institute;
  • regularly update the content of the web site (content provided by the executive director);
  • ensure that all registrations including domain name, hosting services and email accounts are maintained;
  • annually re-register the site and its meta tags with selected search engines.

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