The Canadian Institute of Marketing recognizes the achievements of its members with merit awards that attest to their achievements as professional marketers and knowledge of applying the principles of marketing to the good of their employers, customers and the public.

James H. Jarrett Award of Marketing Excellence
The James H. Jarrett Award was established in 2002 to recognize members who have been successful in marketing a product or service. To date, the award was issued once in 2002 when it was established. It is not meant to be issued at every annual meeting – only when we observe a success story and successful marketing techniques.

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1) Norm Burns, MCInst.M., FCInst.M. was recognized for his marketing plan strategies and marketing tools such as the Web site and CD for Cypher International. His international record of successfully marketing his product was outstanding. He is also one of the earliest remaining members of the Institute (#51), therefore a long-time professional marketer.

Testimonials and Norm’s receipt of international recognition by various entities convinced us that he had a solid marketing program. From the information we had at the time, we believed that he had a successful marketing plan that deserved our recognition. We understand that since then, his successes continue with special recognition in the Galapagos Islands and elsewhere.

We had proof that the product works before the award was presented for marketing the product or service. Norm provided the evidence that the product works.

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