Forward payments to:

The Canadian Institute of Marketing
205 Miller Drive
Halton Hills, ON, Canada
L7G 6G4

Tel: 905.877.5369
Fax: 905.877.5369
[email protected]

Payments may be made by cheque, cash, VISA or MasterCard, Western Union, Money Order, Bank Draft, or a bank-to-bank transfer.

Membership Fees

A $50 fee must accompany an application to cover the cost of processing the application and setting up a membership file and register database.

Dues shall be payable during the first quarter of each calendar year or within 60 days of recommendation for membership by the Registrar.

All fees are in Canadian dollars. New members applying late in the calendar year may be eligible for delayed payment of an annual subscription.

Professional Member $225.00
Associate Member$135.00
Graduate Member$90.00
Student Member$50.00
Affiliate (corporate membership)$125.00
Certificate of Registration $50.00


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