The Canadian Institute of Marketing is an organization of professional marketers whose credentials are based upon a strong and lengthy period of education in marketing and/or business management. Professional members hold several years of experience at a senior level (with marketing staff supervision responsibilities), or corporate strategic and/or tactical marketing planning positions, or teaching positions in the marketing programs of colleges and universities.

Our Vision:
To be recognized by business, governments and academia as the governing and standards-setting body for professional marketers in Canada.

Our Mission :
To demonstrate to Canadian business and governments how to employ the holistic power of marketing strategy, to achieve their objectives in serving the needs, expectations and value perceptions of their publics, customers, consumers and citizens; and serve in advancing innovative marketing knowledge and expertise among the Canadian Institute of Marketing membership.

Our Goal:
The primary goal of The Canadian Institute of Marketing is to enhance marketing and management skills in Canada to the highest international levels. The Institute works to achieve this by providing services to institute members, business enterprises, governments, learning institutions and students. The Canadian Institute of Marketing was formed with three main objectives:

  • To encourage the adoption of international professional standards and qualifications by practitioners, businesses, and learning institutions and thereby improve the practice of marketing and business management in Canada.
  • To represent the views and interests of professional marketers to governments, agencies and businesses in Canada and overseas.
  • To be an internationally recognized catalyst for the improvement of marketing skills to the benefit of members, and their organizations.

A Brief History:
The Canadian Institute of Marketing was incorporated in 1982 after being established by James H. Jarrett, MCInst.M., FCInst.M., a marketing teacher at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario. The organizational structure of the institute was based upon the organizational structure and membership standards of The Chartered Institute of Marketing in the United Kingdom. The Institute was located in Ottawa, until Mr. Jarrett completed the succession of management of the Institute in 2000. The decision was taken at that time to advance the Institute as a virtual, Web-based self governing institution with a mailing address of one of the Institute’s officers or Executive Director. The bureau of the Institute has been located at its current address in Georgetown, Ontario since 2003.


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