Members of the College of Fellows must agree to carry out tasks as requested to advance the state of professional marketing in Canada, add to its emerging body of knowledge, maintain membership in the Canadian Institute of Marketing, and serve as a role model for all others in the field of professional marketing. The College may serve as an ad hoc advisory body to Council, the Executive Committee, Standing Committees, Non Standing Committees and Task Groups of The Canadian Institute of Marketing/ L’institut canadien du marketing. The underlying achievement principles for Fellow include leadership, knowledge, experience and sustained membership.

Terms of membership:

  1. 10 years – uninterrupted by any period of lapsed membership. A Fellow may be elected posthumously and the designation continues after death. People nominated who have not been in the Institute for 10 years (such as a leading international figure or prominent Canadian leader, or esteemed academic personality or leader in industry) may be elected to Fellow. To be elected to Fellow, they would need 100% unanimous approval of their application by the College of Fellows and Council. All other cases would follow the 10-year requirement with a majority vote of the Council and College of Fellows.
  2. Demonstrated leadership within the Canadian Institute of Marketing through service on the Council or as an officer; authored abstracts, articles, and reports; and lectures, speeches, workshops, that have advanced awareness of professional marketing (a combination of at least two leadership activities required).
  3. 10 years leading up to nomination must be as a Professional member of the Canadian Institute of Marketing, and practicing as a full time professional marketer in a senior position.
  4. Demonstrated personal and professional qualities, exemplary of a role model to fellow practitioners.
  5. Fellows are exempted from paying annual membership dues, but are entitled to vote at Annual General Meetings, or on any special issues requiring votes of the membership during the course of the fiscal year.
  6. Candidates for Fellow can be nominated by any Member of the Canadian Institute of Marketing however, the voting process allows for only existing members of The College of Fellows, Past institute Presidents, and the current Council to vote for elevation of a Full Member to the College of Fellows.
Nominator must be a Canadian Institute of Marketing member in good standing.

Terms of Reference

Application Form


James Jarrett #1(Founder)Ottawa ON (active)
Dennis Carisse #17Ottawa ON (active)
James Schauer #33Kingston ON (active)
Peter Zarry #41Toronto ON (Deceased)
Norm Burns #51Winnipeg MB (active)
Keith Warne #52Toronto ON (Deceased)
Ron Halliday #63Qualicum Beach, B.C (active)
Gordon Phippen #68Riverview NB (unknown)
Grant Lee #168Georgetown ON (active)
Mathew Cheung #172Hong Kong (unknown)
David Smith #256Regina SK (active)
Bruce Hoggard #260Saskatoon SK (active)
John Harte #288Aylmer QC (unknown)
Gary Cotton #361Ottawa ON (active)
Ron Fletcher #322Newmarket ON (Deceased)

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