The Canadian Institute of Marketing is committed to developing a climate of membership equity that includes acknowledging and eliminating direct, indirect and systemic discrimination. A culture of membership equity recognizes and respects the equal dignity and worth of all who seek to participate in the vision, mission, goal and objectives of the institute. Such a culture is created and maintained by developing an institute-wide commitment to membership equity, supported by policies, programs, practices and traditions that facilitate individuals’ free, safe and full participation.

The institute includes voting and non-voting members. Voting members are Fellows, Registered Professional, Professional and Associate. Non-voting members are Students, Graduates, Honourary members and Affiliates. The qualifications and rights of such classes are determined by Council and made a regulation of the institute. The Registrar shall assess the classification of each applicant.

Members are elected by Council upon recommendation of the Registrar or Educational Requirements and Development Committee. An affirmative vote of a majority of members of Council is required for election.

Each Fellow, Registered Professional, Professional and Associate is entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the members. Graduates, Students and Affiliates may not vote.

If an applicant holds a valid membership Class in the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), that person, upon application to The Canadian Institute of Marketing/ L’institut canadien du marketing, and upon recommendation by the Registrar may be granted an equivalent Class of membership in The Canadian Institute of Marketing/ L’institut canadien du marketing upon a two-thirds vote of the members of Council.

Application Form

Membership Classes


Membership Fees

A $50 fee must accompany an application to cover the cost of processing the application and setting up a membership file and register database.

Dues shall be payable during the first quarter of each calendar year or within 60 days of recommendation for membership by the Registrar.

All fees are in Canadian dollars. New members applying late in the calendar year may be eligible for delayed payment of an annual subscription.

Professional Member $225.00
Associate Member$135.00
Graduate Member$90.00
Student Member$50.00
Affiliate (corporate membership)$125.00

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