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Who is a web developer?
We visit the internet so many times in a day, either as we research, do our homework, interact with friends through the social media, apply for jobs and do jobs online. Whatever your reason is for being online it's valid, but how often do we think of the people behind the development of the website you are on or you frequently visit, anytime you are online you are on a website right? But have you ever given it a thought as to who was behind the development of the website where you spend most of your time? To many it's a no, but to him a yes as he constantly views the various websites he/she developed and those which others developed to learn more from them.

Why hire a web developer?
A web developer Atlanta is a programmer who is specialized in the development of the World Wide Web application. It's more of a skill than a professional qualification, despite there being a number of schools that offer the course in Atlanta and all over the world, a web developer can learn the skill himself through the internet e.g. via tutorials and get to developing his own projects.
Almost every organization is in need of one or more, depending on the size of the organization, so he chooses where to work; whether to seek permanent employment as a full time employee, to act as a consultant or be self employed as a freelancer. Any job is hard in the eyes of a third party simply because each and every person has their own interest and abilities, but to the person doing the job, it's so easy as they enjoy doing the job and it's their area of specialization, so is web designing, I may see it as being so difficult and tough to understand but in the eye of the web developer there's no job as easy as that.

What exactly does it take to be a web developer?
An ambition to make a difference, it could be triggered by the situation someone is in or a past experience and you see the need to make a change, its further catalyzed by availability of an opportunity or loophole to exploit these gives the motivation and believe me there's no turning back.
You then learn how to code, these is essential for any programmer; it's their language, and so to take the step towards being a web developer, you ought to know how to code and do it to perfection.
Examine other coded language and get to know how the developer coded it, try coding to, try as many as you can so you perfect your skill.
Google whatever you don't understand, you can get any answer from the internet and also get to interact with others, form your own network.
Once you are good at it get to making your project, as mentioned earlier it's not necessary to have the papers to show for it all you require is your skill, your projects will do the marketing and with the perfect projects jobs will always be assured so exploit your skills, whether in Atlanta or whatever place a web developer will always stand out.

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